Frequently Asked Questions

This list of "Frequently Asked Questions" is supposed to help with the application process. Although the "Application" page shows the way to a successful application to the Master's Programme Information Engineering, the FAQs (and their answers) will probably give some more guidance.

  • What is the deadline for my application?
    Admission to the master's program is possible twice a year: for the summer semester intake and for the winter semester intake, respectively. The following deadlines apply:

    -  Summer Semester (March) intake: November 1 (previous year) to early March
    -  Winter semester (September) intake: May1 to early September
  • Which documents are required for my application?
    1. All documents of international applicants must be submitted through the UNI-Assist application portal, the University cannot process applications sent directly
    2. Application Forms (available at UNI-Assist after login)
    3. Certificate of Bachelor of Information Engineering or equivalent degree (e.g. Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Informatics, etc.) with a minimum grade of 2.50 (in the German grading system, strictly applied, exceptions are not possible), including a detailed transcript of grades
    4. Curriculum Vitae
    5. Only for applicants with a degree from a University outside the European Higher Education Area: GRE Certificate with minimum 64% percentile in quantitative reasoning test, DI Code 2269 (FH-Kiel institution code)
    6. Proof of English proficiency B2
    7. Proof of name change (e. g. if married, marriage certificate)
    8. List in reverse chronological order the schools, colleges and universities attended. Specify the exact degree or other credentials in the words of original language (Please enclose all certified copies).
  • My Bachelor's Degree is not in Information Engineering or an equivalent subject area.
    Can I apply for the Master's Program Information Engineering?
    Your Bachelor Degree must be related to our Bachelors Informationstechnologie or Wirtschaftsinformatik programmes. Your Bachelors Degree has have had a workload equivalent to 180 ECTS credit points out of which at least 120 credit points have to be accounted for basic competences in math, computer science, information technology, algorithms data structures, programming, software engineering, IT-management, project management.
  • How do I transfer my final grade to the German grading system?
    The calculation of your grade will be done by UNI-Assist.
  • Where do I find the official application form?
    The application forms are available directly at UNI-Assist.
    They can be accessed during the normal online application process.
  • I did not receive my final bachelor's certificate yet. Can I hand it in later?
    You have to hand in your bachelor's certificate with your application.
  • To whom do I have to send the application?
    You have to send your complete application to

    Fachhochschule Kiel
    c/o Uni-assist e.V.
    D-11507 Berlin

    UNI-Assist will charge an application fee, for details see:

    Do I have to send the application to Kiel University of Applied Sciences?
    No! The formal verification is done by UNI-Assist, this is mandatory. Kiel University of Applied Sciences cannot process international candidate applications sent directly. All application documents must be sent to UNI-Assist.
  • Do I have to send original documents for my application?
    No! Never send original documents. Send copies that are certified by an authorized notary public (or authorized institution). Translations have to be done by certified translators.
  • Do I need an English language certificate?
    Yes! The teaching language is English. You have to be proficient in English.
    Minimum level required: B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR).

    The following certificates are additionally accepted to prove language skills (minimum scores):

    - TOEFL (Internet-based): 70
    - TOEFL (Computer-based): 185
    - TOEFL (Paper-based): 515
    - IELTS: 5.5
    - BULATS: 60
    - equivalent Cambridge-ESOL Qualification

    Further details on the admission requirements can be found in the official examination regulations of the programme.

    Please consult the German Consulate where you are applying for the visa. They may have additional language requirements

  • Do I need proficiency in German?
    Knowledge of German is not required, the master programme is completely taught in English.
    But German language knowledge is helpful for your stay in Kiel. Our institution is offering German language classes for all levels.
  • What are the deadlines for the enrolment (admission) to the master's program?
    Admission is possible twice a year. The deadlines are:
    Summer Semester Enrolment: March 9
    Winter Semester Enrolment: September 9
  • Can the deadlines for the enrolment be extended or can the admission be deferred to a subsequent semester?
    No! Extensions or deferrals are not possible. When you cannot meet a deadline you have to reapply at UNI-Assist.
  • Do I have to pay tuition fees?
    No! There are no tuition fees.
    You have to pay a one time registration fee (currently 100.00 Euro) and an enrolment fee (currently 115.00 Euro per semester), which includes public transportation in the city of Kiel.
    We do not accept any advance payments or payment in cash.
    Once you are in Kiel you can pay these fees at a local bank (e.g. using cash) before you enrol. Our admissions office will provide all the details to you.
  • Is there an institutional scholarship programme?
    No, we do not offer scholarship programmes. You may contact the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to apply for government funded scholarships:
  • I want to apply for a DAAD scholarship. Can I get a confirmation letter?
    No, we do not issue confirmation letters. You have to go through the normal application process via UNI-Assist. In case that you are eligible for the master's programme you will receive a letter of admission that can be used for your DAAD application.
  • How can I find accommodation in Kiel?
    Our institution does not offer any student dormitories. Student residence halls are managed by the Studentenwerk (offical Student Support Service)
    Please contact the Studentenwerk for further information. 
    Private housing can also be found all over Kiel.
  • What is the cost of living for students in Kiel?
    Approximately 700.- Euro per month. (this includes approximately 200.- to 300.- Euro for accommodation).
  • Does the institution provide a pickup service for arriving students?
    No. A pickup service cannot be provided. Most students are arriving at Hamburg Airport. From there a convenient shuttle bus (called "Kielius") is going directly to the center of Kiel.
    Detailed information (including a detailed schedule) can be found under
  • Can I can study for a Ph.D. degree with the master's degree awarded by Kiel University of Applied Sciences?
    Yes, but traditionally German Universites of Applied Sciences are not offering doctorate programs. The Ph.D. degree may be awarded in co-operation with a (traditional) university. The candidates will have two doctoral advisers, one in the degree awarding University and one at Kiel University of Applied Sciences where the research will be done. This model has been used, for example, in our Image Processing Research Group.

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