Erasmus + Exchange with Partner countries (KA 107)


Our Partners within Erasmus +  (2016 + 2017):  

Georgia:  Tbiblisi State University   

               Georgian Technical University

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Robert Manzke (Faculty of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering)

Morocco: Université Mohammed V de Rabat

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Sabah Badri-Höher (Faculty of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering), Prof. Dr. Mohammed Es-Souni (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

Mexico:Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Information: Christine Boudin (Erasmus-Coordinator)


Application for Incoming Staff (Teaching/ Training)


The Mobility period shall last as follows:

  1. 5 working days for teaching staff from partner  countries + 2 days for travel,
    5 working days for non-teaching staff from partner countries + 2 days for travel.
  2. The mobility period cannot be shortened.


The selection of candidates is made by the Partner University in cooperation with the receiving Institution.

Application documents for

Mobility Agreement: Staff Mobility for Teaching

Mobility Agreement: Staff Mobility for Training

Financial support for Incoming Staff (Teaching/ Training)


Sending Country

Receiving Country

<14 days/

>15 days


Partner Country

160 € per day

112 € per day

Partner country


120 € per day

84 € per day

Travel Costs:

  • 100 km – 499 km:  180 EUR
  • 500 km – 1.999 km:  275 EUR
  • 2.000 km – 2.999 km:  360 EUR
  • 3.000 km – 3.999 km:  530 EUR
  • 4.000 km – 7.999 km :  820 EUR
  • 8.000 km and more: 1.100 EUR

Distance Calculator

Erasmus + individual participant report


Staff who have taken part in an Erasmus+ mobility project are requested to provide feedback on their mobility experience.

After the mobility,  partcipants get by email  access to the online individual participant report.

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