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To the moon and much much more! - The Observatory

On the tallest building of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel the conspicuous white dome of the observatory is located. The telescope's focal length is three meters - more than enough to take a closer look at lunar craters and also much deeper into space. Together with the expert team of the observatory, you can explore selected objects on clear night sky and the constellations and learn how they are linked. Cloudy skies give you a chance to get to know the refractor telescope.

Should it not be your turn to look through the telescope, you can be enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the fjord and the city of Kiel from the observation deck of the observatory. And if a clear observation evening started before sunset, you can start off by watching our own sun over Kiel without a telescope.

current night sky

A map of the current night sky to print at home - provided by Kieler Planetarium e.V. - please click here