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Enrollment Deadline

Winter Semester Enrollment: October 15
Summer Semester Enrollment: April 15

These are deadlines for the enrollment.
You have to start the application process early enough to receive your letter of admission (placement) and (if applicable) your visa before the deadline.

Application Form

Please use the following application form for your application: Important:

New procedure starting Winter Semester 2014/15:

The application forms are now available directly at UNI-Assist.

They can be accessed during the normal online application process.


where to find the application forms.

Alternative download of application forms:

Application Procedure

Step 1 (optional):
Applications can be submitted to Kiel University of Applied Sciences (see address below) for a pre-check.

Step 2 (mandatory):
Applications (with complete documentation) have to be submitted to UNI-Assist (Application Service for International Students) where formal checking of applications will be done.

Step 1 is optional, Step 2 is mandatory.
Application can also be sent directly to UNI-Assist (bypassing Step 1).

Language Proficiency

TOEFL Institution Code of Kiel University of Applied Sciences: 0669
Department Code: 66

Please observe:
Currently a language certificate is not required, but the following Language Proficiency is recommended:
TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or equivalent.
Equivalent Scores:
TOEFL Computer-based: 213
TOEFL Internet-based: 79-80
IELTS: 6.5

Please check the requirements of the German Consulate where you are applying for the visa. You might have to supply a language certificate to them. Tests such as TOEFL (minimum score of 550 points for the paper based test or 213 points for the computerbased test) or IELTS (Band 6.0) could be required.

Direct applications to UNI-Assist

Please, use the following address for applications directly to UNI-Assist:

Fachhochschule Kiel
Geneststraße 5
D-10829 Berlin

Please check the UNI-Assist website for further details at:

UNI-Assist will charge an application fee (75 Euro for the first application, for citizens of EU member states 43 Euro are charged), see:

Contact details and address for application submission

Prof. Dr. Helmut Dispert
Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering,
Kiel University of Applied Sciences,
Grenzstr. 524149 Kiel,

Tel.: +49-431-210-4114
Mobile: +49-171-2750136
Fax.: +49-431-210-64114

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