Cooperation with universities and industry


Cooperation with the technical faculty of the Christian-Albrechts University (Professor Dr. Franz Faupel)


At the moment 3 doctoral theses are supervised in the field of composites and interfaces.

Cooperation with the university hospital Schleswig-Holstein UKSH with Professor Dr. Helge Fischer Brandies, Orthodontist


Development of orthodontic arches and devices on the basis of nickel-titanium shape memory alloys.

For the characterization and qualification of orthodontic materials 6 doctoral theses have been supervised in our laboratory so far (3 of which have already been successfully completed with a doctoral degree).

With Professor Dr. Olav Jansen, Neuroradiology


Development of carotid stents, coating and functionalizing

Our industrial partners are:

  • HDW Kiel
  • Panasonic Germany
  • BC-Components Beyschlag GmbH, Heide
  • Valdemar-Link, Hamburg
  • OPtiMed, Ettlingen
  • Dräger, Lübeck
  • Walterwerke Kiel
  • ELAC L3, Kiel
  • Lohmann Chemiefabrik, Emmerthal
  • EGE Electronik, Gettorf
  • Intratec


Technology Transfer


All projects listed above were or will be compiled in close cooperation with industrial companies (see project list). Know-How on matters of material development and material qualification are transferred within these projects. Currently it is concretely worked on the development of infrared sensors on the basis of thin electro ceramic layers with a special structure. This production is made in cooperation with an industrial partner.

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