Scientific field of competence

Berger, Nele                                     M.Eng. Interaction of self assembled colloidal nanoparticles with ordered plasmonic and photonic active substrates
Dietze, Matthias                                     Dipl.Ing. Development of polymer ceramic nanocomposites and biocompatible coatings, teacher for special requirements - materials, doctorand, collaboration on MultiSens project
Ehlers, Janin                                       student assistant
Roth, Artjom                                       student assistant
Schopf, Dimitri                                     M.Eng. teacher for special requirements - collaboration on MultiSens project and development of carbon nanomaterials for energy storing
Solterbeck, Claus-Henning                                     Dipl.Phys. Characterisation and theory of thin electro ceramic films
Wassel, Ekram                                     Dr. Development and Characterization of Novel Anti-Biofouling films for Sub-See Optical Monitoring Systems (U_Sens)

Technical field of competence

Dreher, Andreas                                     Laboratory tecnical support, material testing
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