Spray pyrolysis

Spray pyrolysis is an additional processing method used at IMST. In spray pyrolysis the precursor solution is pulverised as a fine mist via a spray nozzle and a carrier gas at high pressure. The so produced mist condenses on a preheated substrate, and is instantly pyrolysed (spray pyrolysis). The process can be conducted in one or more pulses to obtain uniform films. Spray pyrolysis is suitable for substrates with complex geometry, and can be used for a variety of oxide materials. The set-up used at IMST is illustrated below. It comprises a spray nozzle, a rotationg heating plate and a container. The whole is mounted in a protective chamber which can be filled with protective or reactive gases. The nozzle is driven pneumatically via a computer controlled control unit.

The advantages of spray pyrolysis are summarized below:

  • The spray pyrolysis can be easy and  cheap
  • substrates with complex geometries can be coated
  • leads to uniform and high quality coatings
  • low crystallization temperatures
  • porosity can be easily tailored      

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