HTMLDOC Problem:

Htmldoc produced no pdf-output.
typo3conf\ext\htmldoc_windows\bin\htmldoc.exe --datadir typo3conf\ext\htmldoc_windows\share\htmldoc --top 0 cm --bodyfont Arial --fontsize 10 --headfootsize 10 --logoimage fileadmin/template/images/startseite/startseite.jpg -t pdf13  --webpage -f C:\inetpub\wwwroot\typo3temp\hd_6415.tmp - 2>C:\inetpub\wwwroot\typo3temp\se_6416.tmp

This is the (stderr) output of the htmldoc command without the htmldoc_append parameters:
If you see no errors here please check your htmldoc_append parameters too.
ERR005: Unable to read HTMLDOC installation from registry!
ERR005: Unable to find "cm"...