Application for International Program/ Exchange Students (1-2 semesters)

·         ERASMUS+
·         ERASMUS+ International
·         European Project Semester (EPS)
University Partnership Program
·         DAAD
·         CDHAWChinesisch-Deutsche Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
·         IGCHE (Indo German Centre for Higher Education)
·         Mdhk (Mexikanisch-Deutsche-Hochschulkooperation)


·         You have to be nominated by your home university.
Otherwise your application cannot be processed.


Application Procedure:

The following documents have to be uploaded via our application portal “Mobility Online”:

·         Application form, signed by the applicant
(form to be downloaded from the portal)
·         Passport photo
·         Transcript of Records
·         Language Certificate (German for studies in German or English for EPS or studies in English)
·         Learning Agreement
·         EPS or Project Work: Letter of Motivation


Available languages in the application portal: German and English

Application deadlines

For Winter Semester : 1 June

For Summer Semester : 1 November

For EPS : 1 November




Online-Application Mobility Online-Portal

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Mobility Online is an application portal only for program/ exchange students
Information for full degree seeking students can be found here

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