About Us

The Campus IT operates central IT infrastructures and services in the field of information and communication technologies. It is responsible for the supply of hard- and software and the further development of the required IT, network and telecommunication infrastructure at the university. This includes central server, data protection and authentication services and the central provision of email, content management and e-learning.

The IT supports and runs the campus management system (HIS admission and examination procedures). Furthermore, it provides desktop support for all administrative sectors including the deanships and secretariats of the faculties.

For university members, be they professors, employees or students, all IT services are seen as a closed system. Often, it is not evident which service is provided centrally or locally in the faculties and institutions.

As a general rule, all IT services in the field of teaching and research lie in the responsibility of the faculties and basic central IT services regarding the infrastructure (e.g. IT networks, internet, email) and the administration (e.g. HIS/QIS, personal data management – IDM) are managed by the central Campus IT.

The IT strategy of the university and the statue of the Campus IT determine which IT services are provided by the central Campus IT for the whole university and which services are managed locally by the faculties or the central institutions.

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