Searching and finding

Online catalogue of the UAS Kiel

This catalogue contains all books and journals of the libraries of the UAS Kiel (including licensed eBooks). Here you can order, reserve or extend media and look at your user account.


In addition to our online catalogue, we also offer the following additional catalogues for your literature research:

Books and online resources

Regional catalogue Kiel

This catalogue contains the collections of scientific libraries and archives in Kiel:

GVK (Common Network Catalogue)

Here you can find collections of all scientific libraries and archives of the Common Library Network: included are deeds of ownerships of books, journals, articles, congress reports, microforms, electronical documents, data media, music, maps etc.

The proven holdings can be ordered via the online interlibrary loan:

You can arrange an interlibrary loan at the central library. You can find more information here.

KVK (Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue )

The KVK is a meta-search engine to find more than a hundred million books, journals and other media in library and bookshop catalogues worldwide. The KVK itself does not provide a database. It is dependent on the target systems in the internet. It cannot offer more functionality than the individual target systems themselves.


Magazines and databases

Electronic Journal Library (EZB)

This database offers access to scientific journals. The search can use journal titles, scientific fields or alphabetical order. Access is provided via a traffic light system: green for open sources, yellow for licensed sources and red for inaccessible sources.

Database Information System (DBIS)

Here you can search for separate scientific databases. The display is also designed like a traffic light system: green for open sources, yellow for licensed sources (access for university members) and red for inaccessible sources.


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