SELFIE (Self-Acquisition of Attainment through Digital Feedback Instruments Promotes Independent Learning)

The SELFIE project aims to develop a digital feedback instrument based on the Moodle learning platform that enables students to receive prompt and individual feedback about their learning progress in self-studies and on practice-oriented project work through different feedback formats. Additionally, lecturers are to be supported while mentoring a large group of students.

Following 360° feedback tools, the feedback will be given from different perspectives so that not only lecturers and students, but also clients or companies can give be involved. The concept aims to support students in their self-assessment of existing knowledge and skills as well as the evaluation of their personal learning progress through e.g. fellow students or teaching staff as mentors or coaches who can give criteria-based feedback and new impulses for individual learning processes.

The application of the feedback instrument will be accompanied by formative and summative evaluation.


Prof. Dr. Heidi Kjär - Contact
Project Manager

Dr. Christiane Metzger - Contact
Project Manager


Project period: 20.12.2017 to 30.06.2021