Committee and Network-Related work

Besides internal committee work, the equal opportunites body at the UAS Kiel participates in various external networks and committees.

  • Federal conference of equal opportunities officers at universities (LaKof)
  • National conference of equal opportunities officers at universities (bukof)
    • Participation in the following committees:
      • Equality at universities of applied sciences
      • Queer equality policy at universities

Further cooperation with

  • The General Students’ Union Committee (AStA) of the UAS Kiel
  • Diversity representative of the UAS Kiel
  • Equal opportunities officer of Kiel University (CAU)
  • Equal opportunities officer of the Geomar
  • Diversity representative of Kiel University
  • Equality unit of the City of Kiel
  • Women’s Alliance Kiel
  • Petze Institute for Violence Prevention
  • Women’s Emergency Hotline
  • State Working committee for girls (LAG Mädchen)*

Work in committees

The equal opportunities officer is involved in various committees at the UAS Kiel in different positions.

Report and advisory function

  • Senate
  • Central budget and planning committee (ZHP)
  • Central study committee (ZSA)
  • Central research and knowledge transfer committee (ZAFW)
  • University Council
  • Presidium meetings
  • Dean meetings
  • Departmental meetings