Equal Opportunities Committee

Legal bases and duties

In accordance with §21, section 2 of the Higher Education Act, the senate is obliged to form an Equal Opportunities Committee. According to § 13, section 1, nos. 1 to 4, all member groups have to be reasonably represented.


Presidency: Equal opportunities commissioner Dr.in Marike Schmeck

Deputy: Deputy equal opportunities commissioner Dr.in Britta Thege

Management: Coordination of the equality body Eva Maleika

Election groups

Election group 1

Prof.in Dr.in Katrin Mahlkow-Nerge (Faculty of Agriculture) - Deputy: Yves Reckleben (Faculty of Agriculture)

Prof.in Dr.in Sabah Badri-Höher (Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) - Deputy: Prof. Dr. Ralf Patz (Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Prof.in Dr.in Ingrid Mauritz-Boeck (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) - Deputy: tba

Prof. Dr. Lars Appel (Faculty of Media) - Deputy: Prof. Dr. Jan Schlüter (Faculty of Media)

Prof. Dr. Fabian Lamp (Faculty of Social Work and Health) - Deputy: tba

Prof.in Dr.in Anja Wiebusch(Faculty of Business Management) - Deputy: Prof.in Dr.in Doris Weßels (Faculty of Business Management)

Election group 2
(scientific/academic employees)

Barbara Reschka (central administration) - Deputy: Tian Hasu

Dr.in Petra Richter (Faculty of Social Work and Health) - Deputy: Doris Neppert (Faculty of Social Work and Health)

Election group 3

Jan Eberlein - Deputy: tba

Maren Quaester

Gender Controlling at UAS Kiel

Report on the pilot project aiming to evaluate practical measures at the UAS Kiel and on launching the gender debate at the university (Gender Controlling appendix).