Update CW 50 - 11.12.2020

Corona-Update CW 50 - 11.12.2020

  • Employees who were tested positive for Covid-19,
    •     should inform the public health department,
    •     should immediately inform the personnel department responsible for them (Ms Küchmeister, Ms Scheffler),
    •     should inform themselves on the pages of Kiel UAS about their rights and obligations with regard to their employment,
    •     can participate in a Covidom study after their recovery.
  • Employees who receive a quarantine order from the public health department
    •     inform the personnel department head responsible for them (Ms Küchmeister, Ms Scheffler),
    •     If they test positive, they receive a certificate of incapacity for work from their doctor and continue to receive pay,
    •     are excused from work in the event of a quarantine order without a positive test, but are to use the home office option and then continue to receive their pay.