Update CW 11 - 18.03.2022

Corona-Update CW 11 - 18.03.2022

  • With the coming into effect of the new Higher Education Corona Ordinance, the legal basis for carrying out 3G checks no longer applies.
  • As of Monday, 21 March, entry into the university buildings and participation in teaching, examinations or other events is therefore no longer dependent on valid 3G proof. The need to activate the university card in the multi-purpose building (C18) will no longer apply.
  • As the remaining instrument of precaution, compliance with the AHA rules is therefore of particular importance, especially the general obligation to wear a mouth-to-nose covering (MNB).  The following applies to this:
    • An MNB must be worn if moving indoors or being outdoors on campus without being able to maintain the minimum distance of 1.50 metres from other persons.
    • An MNB must be worn if you have reached your seat but cannot maintain the minimum distance.
    • The MNB can be taken off when a fixed seat is taken and the minimum distance is maintained.
    • Lecturers who keep the distance when teaching can put down the MNB.
  • The Corona Home Office Regulation will end at the end of 19 March 2022.