Coronavirus: FAQ for students of the Kiel UAS

Last updated: 14.04.2022 - 09:09 Uhr (new information at the top)


What do I have to consider if a person living in my household has been certified with a Corona infection, but I have not been quarantined by the responsible health authority?

The presidium would like you not to come to the campus for FIVE days. If possible, test yourself regularly with self-tests. If you are still symptom-free after five days and the Corona tests were negative, you can return to the university.

My Corona app shows a warning message. What does that mean?

The warning message of the app is meant as a hint to contact your doctor. He/she will ask about symptoms, vaccination status, relevant contacts, risk indicators if applicable, and then decide whether a PCR test or an antigen test should be carried out or whether further steps are required and if so, which ones.

What can I do if I have had contact with a person who is proven to be infected?

Carry out regular corona self-tests or have yourself tested. If you feel unwell and have symptoms, stay away from the university to be on the safe side, contact your family doctor and have a PCR test done if necessary.

I was tested positive for Covid-19. What should I do?

If you are proven to be infected with Covid-19, stay away from the university and go into domestic isolation. The period of quarantine will be determined by the Health Department. Inform your faculty.

Find out about your rights and obligations regarding your studies on the pages of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

What should I do if I belong to a risk group where a severe course of coronavirus infection is to be expected due to previous illnesses or for other reasons?

If in your case it is recommended from a medical point of view not to participate in university events, please inform your lecturer and your examination office by telephone and submit a corresponding proof by e-mail. The respective lecturers, examiners or the examination office will try to find ways to compensate for your absence in order to avoid disadvantages caused by your absence as far as possible.

Who belongs to the group of people at risk?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has compiled an overview of who belongs to the risk group for coronavirus. You can find it here.