Migration and Education

Colourful and diverse – attributes that characterise the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

Entrance to the university is diverse, too: qualified are those who have a general higher education entrance qualification, a qualification for UAS, a master craftman certificate or have attended a trial study. Even though there is a variety of ways to enter studies at UAS, not everyone has equal chances to actually start their considered study course. Especially parents’ education and their professional career paths have a huge influence on the education opportunities of their children. Parents without academic education can hardly act as role models, which is why their children have fewer prospects of starting a study course.

With the project “Migration and Education” the UAS Kiel deals with with this phenomenon. Its aim is to encourage young people with migration background to attend a degree course.

For this purpose, a mentoring programme was founded. Students who also have a mostly migrational background consult and support pupils from immigrated families to find a profession or study course. On the basis of their knowledge and experience, the students can reduce uncertainty and disclose further information on each study course and therefore provide orientation.

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