Application procedure


How can I apply?

An application is only possible online. You can find the online application here.  After finishing your application, you receive an application  number. With the application number and your password, you can check your application status at any time. You receive the password after the online application. Here you can also see whether your documents have arrived and if they are in order or if something important is missing, so you can hand in missing documents within the application period. In general, there is no written notice if your application is incorrect or incomplete. Please consider that due to the great number of applications, we might not be able to inform you within the limitation period about the incorrectness/incompleteness of your application if you sent it shortly before the end of the application period.

Can I also apply without the online admission procedure?

No. Applicants with a a German university entrance qualification (e.g. advanced technical college certificate, general higher education (Abitur), master craftsman’s diploma) apply exclusively online at UAS Kiel. Exceptions are applications for trial studies and applications via uni-assist e.V. for those with foreign university entrance qualifications (e.g. Abitur from Sweden). Exception: Foreign applicants who passed the assessment test, apply online and directly to UAS Kiel.

How can I get a study place?

20% of the available study places are awarded by level of qualification (average grade of school leaving certificate, etc.) and 20% according to the waiting period. The other 60% are awarded by the Hochschulauswahlquote (higher education selection quotas). This quota also uses the average grade as a selection criterion. Furthermore, there are special quotas (e.g. foreigner quota, second degree quota, hardship quota). The waiting period is the time that has passed since the acquisition of the university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) until the beginning of the study course. A waiting semester lasts 6 months. Please consider that in the case of an advanced technical college certificate, the waiting period might begin only after the date when both parts, the academic and the professional one, were completed. Study periods at German universities are not considered in the waiting period. Based on these facts, a ranking consisting of the average grade and the waiting period is calculated. Therefore, you have the possibility to be given a study place because of your grade or your waiting period.

Do my grades become better due to my waiting period?

No. The waiting period will not affect your grade (no possibility of higher grades). An application with an non-ascertainable waiting period (e.g. missing date on certificate) is ranked after the application with the worst waiting period that takes part in the procurement procedure.

How are study places awarded?

Firstly, the places are awarded in the main procedure. If study places are still available after the main procedure, there might be a succession procedure or a lottery if there are a few study places left. Participation in a possible succession procedure requires an application. With the notice of rejection, you receive a document for registration in the lottery procedure. For participation, please send the letter back to the admission office of UAS Kiel within a week. There is no ranking in the lottery procedure.

Letter of admission and enrolment – deadlines?

In the admission letter, you receive information about the time limit to request enrolment. If the enrolment is not requested by the end of that period, the admission letter becomes ineffective!

Do I need to confirm the study place?