Further questions

Do the application documents need to be certified?

No (except trial studies and complementary forms for compensation of disadvantages and hardship cases). Simple copies are sufficient for a regular application. Forms for compensation of disadvantages and exceptional hardship cases need to be certified before submitting. 

What will happen to my application documents in case I was rejected?

The documents will be destroyed according to student data regulations. If you want your documents to be returned after the awarding procedure, please make sure to attach an addressed and stamped return envelope.

Is it possible to apply for two degree courses simultaneously?

No. You are only allowed to submit one admission for application. An alternative claim is no longer permitted. 

I don’t want to attend the study course. Is it necessary to unsubscribe?

Please send us a short letter including your application number and the corresponding degree course. 

In case of a refusal, do I need to apply again for the next semester?

In all cases, you have to submit a complete application again. A recourse to a former application is not possible, there are no waiting lists. The previous application data are deleted and documents destroyed, if a stamped return envelope was not attached to the application.

What is meant by a privileged application?

If a public service or armed forces duty (military service, civilian service, voluntary work (FSJ)) prevents degree course entrance, you have to submit the former acceptance for a degree course at UAS Kiel as well as the certificate of service together with your new application.

I have taken a degree course before. Do I need to apply for a second degree course?

Attending a second degree course presupposes a first completed degree course. If you attended a university without graduating, it is still your first degree course.

I have already completed a bachelor's degree and now want to start my master’s degree course. Is it a second degree course then?

No. A master’s degree usually presupposes a corresponding bachelor’s degree. It is a consecutive study programme (interdependent content). Besides, there are also non-consecutive and post-graduate master’s programmes. Normally, the content is not related and, in some cases, e.g. a post-graduate master’s programme, requires professional qualifications.

How do I apply for a higher semester?

If you started your study course at a different university, you will be classified to the continuous semester number, regardless of your previous academic performance. In other cases, you have to hand in the creditable study achievements to the corresponding examination office, where it will be classified. Awarding to a higher semester occurs when there are free capacities. The selection is made based on the grade of qualification (average grade of the university entrance qualification). 

Do I need to attach the de-registration certificate to the application?

If you apply for the first semester of the same degree course, you need to hand in the de-registration certificate with the admission application. In other cases, the de-registration certificate has to be submitted during the enrolment procedure.