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Questions and Answers concerning the Deutschlandstipendium for persons, companies and foundations who wish to become sponsors

The following questions are answered in the following:

What is the Deutschlandstipendium (DStip)?
How does the sponsorship work?
Who can be sponsored?
Where do I find further information?

What is the Deutschlandstipendium (DStip)?

The Deutschlandstipendium is a nationwide scholarship programme for excellent students at state universities. In 2018, 27,200 students from the whole nation were sponsored by the Deutschlandstipendium.

The chosen scholarship students receive a support of 300 euros per month for two consecutive semesters.

For more information, please visit the sites of the Deutschlandstipendium.

How does the sponsorhsip work?

Half  of the total amount of 300.00 euros per month is from the financial resources of the Federal Government and half from individual or several sponsors jointly for 12 months. The procedure is illustrated as follows:

Smaller contributions are welcome as well. The contributions of various sponsors will be paid into the UAS Kiel foundation. For example, three sponsors determine a monthly amount of 150 euros in total. With the 150.00 euros of the Federal Government, a complete scholarship of 300.00 euros is possible.

If you are interested in a sponsoring or partly sponsoring, please write an email with details to deutschlandstipendium (at) or contact Ms. Beate Lohre under +49 431 210 1010.

You can find further information on the website of the Deutschlandstipendium under: “Why it pays off” and “Frequently asked questions”

Who is sponsored?

  • Students with extraordinary performance
  • Students who are committed to social engagement or show particular personal commitment, such as successfully overcoming obstacles within the own educational biography
  • By granting of an “earmarked scholarship”, you can sponsor students from a degree course of your choice

Where do I find further information?

  • On the pages of the Deutschlandstipendium
  • In the statute of the Deutschlandstipendium of the UAS Kiel
  • On the Deutschlandstipendium information pages of the UAS Kiel
  • Your requests can be also submitted via email to deutschlandstipendium(at)