Scholarships and talent programmes

Who is allowed to obtain a scholarship?

1. If you want to apply for a scholarship at one of the 13 largest foundations for the highly talented (Begabtenförderungswerke),please consider the following preconditions:

  • enrolment at a public or state-approved German university
  • talent
  • high grades and social, religious or political commitment

Website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF):
You can find initial guidance in this brochure: “Stipendium Plus – Begabtenförderung im Hochschulbereich”

2. A new selection procedure for the BMBF’s Upgrading Scholarships programme has started.

The scholarship addresses students who have already completed a vocational training and support a study course up until the first academic degree. It is possible to apply before the degree course starts but the application should be submitted before the end of the second study semester. The first step in the three-stage selection procedure is the online application. For more information click here:

With approximately 1,000 new admissions per year, the programme is one of the largest scholarships in Germany. Nowadays there are scholarship holders at more than 200 universities. The Upgrading Scholarship programme stands out due to several characteristics. A completed vocational training followed by at least two years’ professional experience is required and the scholarships include full-time studies as well as extra-occupational studies.

Students who study full-time obtain a monthly allowance of 735.00 euros including 80.00 euros for books. There is an extra-payment for children under the age of ten (130.00 euros per child). A full-time study normally excludes further occupation. For this purpose, the amount of the scholarship does not depend on the income and is paid as a fixed rate.

Students who attend an extra-occupational study course obtain an amount of 2,400 euros per year.

The SBB selects the scholarship holders on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and accompanies them during their studies.


The Avicenna Studienwerk has promoted students of the Muslim faith since 2014/15.