Overview of questions

  1. When can I enrol?
  2. Do I have to enrol in person at the Studenten Secretariat?
  3. I can neither come in person nor authorise someone? How can I still get enrolled without losing my place?
  4. I want to enrol on a course without restricted admission. Can I just drop in?


1. How can I enrol?
Eenrolment for degrees with restricted admission requires an issued letter of admission. This letter includes all the necessary information regarding enrolment and the dates. Normally, the enrolment for the summer semester takes place at the end of February and for the winter semester at the end of August. Enrolment needs to be carried out in person.

2. Do I need to enrol at the Student Secretariat in person?
Yes! The enrolment needs to be carried out in person. However, you can also send another person with a power of attorney. For this, your representative must also present your ID card in the original or a certified copy and his or her ID card/passport.

3. I can neither enrol in person nor authorise someone to do so. How can I still enrol, so that my place does not expire?
Please immediately contact with the Student Secretariat. If you could not attend the enrolment appointment and did not contact the Student Secretariat in advance, your claim for a study place expires and the next person in the ranking is awarded your place.

4. I would like to enrol for a degree course without admission restrictions. Can I just come by?
To enrol for a degree course without admission restrictions, you naturally need to meet the admission requirements of this study programme. Additionally, you also need to fulfil the enrolment requirements completely. You can find the admission- and enrolment requirements of the respective semester here. This information is updated every semester and will be available at the beginning of May/ June for the winter semester and in November/ December for the summer semester.