• Re-registration periods: 1st to 30th June and1st to 31st December
  • Students that want to continue their studies at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel need to re-registrate by pay the semester fee within the re-registration period for the following semester.
  • IMPORTANT!!! For the timely re-registration, the semester fee must have arrived on the account of the Studentenwerk no later than the 30th June or the 31st December. Please consider possible holidays.
  • For the next summer semester of 2023, you need to transfer a value of 271.00 €. Students of the Faculty of Agriculture in Osterrönfeld and students of online study programmes need to transfer a value of 73.00 € for the summer semester of 2023.
  • Please transfer the re-registration fee to the following bank account:

    Studentenwerk S-H/ FH Kiel
    IBAN : DE34 2105 017 000 250012 98
    Förde Sparkasse Kiel
    Intended purpose: Your Matriculation number  and  20231
    e.g.: 999999    20231

    For bank transfers from other European countries, please always indicate the IBAN-No.:
    DE 34 2105 017 000 250012 98; BIC: NOLADE21KIE.
    Please consider that the transaction duration from abroad can take up to a week.
  • If you do not pay the semester fee during the re-registration period, you will be exmatriculated at the end of the current semester. Additionally, your access data for the IT network of the UAS Kiel will become inactive if you do not re-register in time.

    You will receive a notice of exmatriculation for the missing re-registration.

    A late re-registration is only possible if the semester fee arrives on the bank account of the Studentenwerk on time during the objection period of the exmatriculation notice. If this does not occurat in due time, exmatriculation is definitive.

Examination of the re-registration and printing of study certificates

Please check whether you have re-registered properly by extending your student ID (chip card) at the terminal or by printing a current study certificate. If this is not possible, please contact the Student Secretariat.

Locations: foyer of the multi-purpose building, Sokratesplatz 3 and at the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering - Grenzstrasse 5, 24149 Kiel as well as at the Faculty of Agriculture in the Student Secretariat, Grüner Kamp 11, 24783 Osterrönfeld.

Please also check whether your current address is registered in the system. You need to make possible changes through the qis (reporting obligation according to §18 of the Enrolment Statute of the UAS Kiel).

After successful re-registration, you can print your study certificate or verification for the BAföG office independently every semester. To do so, you need to go to the webpage and follow the instructions.
The advantage for you is to print the number of study certificates you need independently at home whenever you need them.

Premium refund for the re-registered semester

If you have paid the semester fee for the following semester but finish your studies before or at the beginning of the next semester, you can possibly get a full or partially refund. For that, you need your exmatriculation notice that you receive after proper exmatriculation at the Student Secretariat. You can find further information here.

For the refund of the paid semester fee, please contact : 

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Westring 385, 24118 Kiel
Tel. 0431/8816 114

63.00 €

The request for a refund of the semester fee is available at


the AStA of the Fachhochschule Kiel (including the semester ticket)
Moorblöcken 1a, 24149 Kiel
Tel. 0431/210 4920

208.00 €

Students at the Campus Osterrönfeld (Faculty of Agriculture) 
and of online study degrees

10.00 €

The formal request for a refund from the AStA is available on the above-mentioned webpage with important information on deadlines and documents to be submitted.