Kiel UAS students studying on Campus

Study Guidance

The study guidance service provides a wide range of services focusing on the needs of current and prospective students. The staff is bound to professional discretion, the content of the sessions is confidential.

A scheduled appointment with the study guidance counsellor requires contact by telephone in advance. At this pre-appointment stage, we might be able to already answer some questions, name further contact persons, or make an appointment for you.

In addition to pre-arranged individual appointments and advice over the phone, we offer regular open consultation hours in order to make it easier for you to get in contact.

1. Study Problems Counselling
Individual counselling is recommended if you question your choice of subject, if you have difficulties in managing your work or you suffer from examination anxiety and lack motivation.

2. Counselling Service for Students with Special Needs
The study guidance service aims at reducing your individual difficulties arising during your course of study. We offer, for example, support and events on “how to learn” for those students who find it more difficult to learn after a longer period of professional work. These problems may also concern students with migrant background, students with children and students suffering from chronic diseases/disabilities. Should you need further support, we would be pleased - if requested - to offer assistance provided by partners at or from outside the university.

3. Higher Education Orientation Programme
Should the increasingly complex course offer provided at German institutes of higher education rather confuse you or should you be uncertain about your study wishes resp. study opportunities (especially at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences), a thorough individual subject information session is recommended.

4. Information on Funding and Scholarships
The study guidance service will inform you about opportunities for funding of outstanding students and how to apply for a scholarship. During the interdisciplinary weeks (IdW) a regular information service is offered.

5. Events for students
We offer individual counselling as well as lectures and seminars which are embedded in our everyday study operations informing you on how to prevent examination anxiety and burn-out.

6. Events for prospective students and school pupils
Under the framework of school conferences and in cooperation with the Media Dome and our faculties, the event series Campus+ offers the exclusive opportunity to explore the Kiel the University of Applied Sciences. Additionally, we organise open days (Fachhochschulinfotage – FIT) twice a year and provide information for the interested public at professional (higher) education fairs and school events.

Further counselling services

The Registration and Admissions Office will only give legally binding information about all questions regarding your application or admission. You will also be informed about courses on offer at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Roswitha Pioch
Office: Sokratesplatz 2,
Room No. R 4.12
Phone No. 0431 210-3075
Email: roswitha.pioch(at)
Consultation by appointment