Insurance coverage for students of the UAS Kiel


Requirement for the admission to a German state university is valid health insurance. This is also valid for foreign students. As evidence of insurance, you need to submit an insurance certificate issued by a statutory health insurance company regarding the compulsory insurance or an exception in the original to the university.

Without this certificate, enrolment is not possible! Changes to health insurance need to be reported to the university immediately. Please note that you can be exmatriculated if you do not pay your health insurance contributions

All essential information about the insurance obligation is available here.



The accident insurance for students is regulated by law. Claims against accident insurance need to be reported to the Student Secretariat immediately.

Blank forms are available at the Student Secretariat or in the faculties’ secretariats or can be downloaded and filled in online: accident report.

The accident report must be signed by the dean of the respective faculty and needs to be submitted to the Student Secretariat. The secretariat will pass on the report to the corresponding accident insurance company.

When are students accident-insured (in German)?



The next most important insurance after the health insurance is liability insurance. According to the German law, anyone who causes harm, bodily injury, or damage to property is legally liable for damages. The person is made liable for the total assets and beyond.

In some federal states, a limited liability insurance for matriculated students is regulated through the social contribution to the Studentenwerk and thereby through the Studentenwerk. This insurance coverage by the Studentenwerk does not exist in Schleswig-Holstein. Therefore, we recommend insuring yourself against personal liability in addition to the statutory health insurance. Until the age of 25, those who still live with their parents, are unmarried and not working are usually insured by their parents.