Examination Office


Please send all written requests to the examination officeonly using your university e-mail address and with your matriculation number to the following e-mail addresses:

  • Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering: pruefungsamt.iue(at)fh-kiel.de
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: pruefungsamt.maschinenwesen(at)fh-kiel.de

Opening hours

Dear students,

Please contact us

  • by e-mail:
    • Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering: pruefungsamt.iue@fh-kiel.de
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering: pruefungsamt.maschinenwesen@fh-kiel.de
  • opening hours Monday 12.00h-14.00h and Friday 8:30h-12.00h in room C12-2.52 (not the examination office!)
  • we can not offer telephone hours due to the current staff situation

You are welcome to drop your thesis and all other documents in a closed envelope in the mailbox on the right. The box is reliably emptied in the morning and the contents are stamped with the receipt stamp of the previous working day. You are also welcome to send us your thesis/documents by mail (registered mail recommended) to

Fachhochschule Kiel, Prüfungsamt Informatik und Elektrotechnik/Maschinenwesen, Grenzstr. 3, 24149 Kiel

Thank you very much for your help and stay healthy!

Your examination office


Chairman of the Examination Committee

FB Informatik und Elektrotechnik

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald WehrendContact

Please send routine questions, for example about entries in QIS, applications or notices to the general address of the examination office pruefungsamt.iue(at)fh-kiel.de.

Chairman of the Examination Committee

FB Maschinenwesen

Prof. Dr. Patrick Moldenhauer - Contact