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Head of Civil Engineering Degree

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frauke Gerder-Rohkamm

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Head of Architecture Degree

Prof. Dr.-Ing. N.N.

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Examinations and Internship Office

Antonia Weckwerth - Contact

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IT Lab Engineer / System Administration



Lab for Structural Engineering

Saeid Zabihi-Moghaddam (MSc) - Contact

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Lab for Hydraulic Engineering and Coastal Protection

Benjamin Franz (MSc) - Contact

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External Locations of the Institute

In addition to administration and seminar buildings (C33/34) and campus laboratories (C35) at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the institute maintains another external locations at the premises of the Centre for Sea Fish Market and Maritime Technology (Wischhofstraße 1-3, Kiel).

In addition, events take place in seminar rooms at the Port of Kiel (Ouferhafen 15, Kiel).

All idrections to the seminar rooms and laboratories can be found here.

At the Institute of Civil Engineering, we offer a bachelor’s BEng in Civil Engineering and a BA in Architecture (from WS 23/24 onwards) . During the studies, not only planning and construction are discussed but also the economic and considerate handling of resources as well as the expansion of infrastructure while considering environmental protection (REuse, REduse, REcycle). The institute has extensive equipment and state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops in all areas of teaching offered.

Further information about the degree in Civil Engineering is available here.

Further information about the degree in Architecture is available here.

Information on research and practical projects of the Institute for Civil Engineering can be found here.

News from the Institute

News from the Institute can be read here.


Institute Director

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Lars Appel© A. Diekötter

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Lars Appel

Moorblöcken 12
24149 Kiel
Room: C34-0.08


Portrait of Birte Scharpf© M. Pilch

Birte Scharpf

Moorblöcken 12
24149 Kiel
Room: C34-0.15


Portrait of Sarah Glaw© A. Diekoetter

Sarah Glaw

Moorblöcken 12b
24149 Kiel
Room: C34-0.01b

Head of Civil Engineering Degree

Portrait of Frauke Gerder-Rohkamm© A. Diekötter

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Frauke Gerder-Rohkamm

Moorblöcken 12
24149 Kiel
Room: C34-0.18

Examinations and Internship Office

Portrait of Antonia Weckwerth© A. Diekoetter

Antonia Weckwerth

Moorblöcken 12
24149 Kiel
Room: C34-0.16

Consultation by appointment


Lab for Road Construction / General Lab Organisation

Portrait of Andreas Horton© J. Brunn

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Horton

Wischhofstraße 1-3
24148 Kiel
Room: F10-1.21

Consultation by appointment


Lab for Building Material and Construction Diagnostics and Structural Engineering

[Translate to English:] Yvonne Richter© A Diekoetter

Yvonne Richter

Moorblöcken 12
24149 Kiel
Room: C33-0.06

Consultation by appointment


Office hours by appointment
Verfügungsbüro auf dem Campus: C33-0.06, Tel.210-4646


Machine Technology

  • wheel loader: operating weight 4.6 tons, tipping load 3.0 tons with bucket capacity of 0.7 m³, power: 34 KW, various attachments

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