The Association for the Promotion of Studies at the Faculty of Agriculture at the UAS Kiel was founded in 1987 and is recognised as charitable. 23 individuals and six institutions are currently members of the association. It is financed through membership fees and donations.

The association aims to:

  • increase the attractiveness of the study courses and the study environment in Osterrönfeld,
  • support the development of new innovations
  • support innovative thesis projects
  • assist in PR and marketing activities related to the faculty and the study courses
  • establish international relations and a study perspective abroad

but also the supply of study devices that facilitate student life, e.g. special PC peripherals for seminar projects or a digital camera.

One of the main requirements for the promotions is to assist only in cases where the support of the state is limited. The students are supposed to maintain their self-responsibility, which is why the association only provides proportional grants for excursions or studies abroad. 

Prof. Dr. Rainer Wulfes, the chairman of the association and is available to answer your questions.