Prof. Dr. Ute Vanini

Ute Vanini© M. Pilch

Professorin für Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Controlling

Sokratesplatz 2
Room: C03-3.23

Consultation hour: Thursday, 11.45-12.15 hrs (no consultation at onthe 30.09 and during the iinterdisciplinary weeks). Appointment via email.

Professor for Ccontrolling and Rrisk Mmanagement

Academic manager of the Ccentre for Llanguages and Iintercultural Ccompetence (ZSIK) of the UAS Kiel

Member of the Aadministrative Bboard of the Iinvestment Bbank of Schleswig-Holstein

Member of the board of trustees of the Landesverein für Innere Mission Schleswig-Holstein

Consultant for various scientific organisations like such as AiF, Wissenschaftsrat, FFG etc., Journals and the CARF-Conference of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Member of the Aadvisory Bboard of the Risk Management Association (RMA)

Jury member for the Controlling Excellence Award of the International Controlling Association (ICV)

Co-editor of the professional magazine Rethinking Finance of the Handelsblatt Verlag:

Advisory Bboard of the J journal for Rrisk Mmanagement

Lecturer for the Master’s study degree in Hospital Management of the Kiel University (CAU) and for the Master’s  study degree in Auditing at the Leuphana University Lüneburg

Member of the European Accounting Association EAA, the International Controlling Association ICV and the society of business management and the Kieler Salon

Research focuses: iImplementation of a risk management system, roles in risk management, integration of risk management and controlling, key figures and key figure systems, evaluation of intangible resources. For more information see here: