Master's degree in Financial Accounting, Controlling & Taxation

Master’s degree in Financial Accounting, Controlling & Taxation

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Financial Accounting is more than a basic discipline of Business Management. The running of a business is only possible thanks to the experts in the world of numbers and the qualified handling of numbers, data and facts is becoming an important competitive advantage.

Increasing requirements in corporate governance, the steady development of controlling, the increasing regulation and complexity of financial markets and international tax law and
growing demands in the area of financial accounting are affecting the business environment of companies. The master’s degree ‘Financial Accounting, Controlling & Taxation’ at the UAS Kiel not only teaches extensive expert knowledge in accounting at the current state of science and practice. After study, graduates are qualified to evaluate the impacts of changes in society and environment on the future development of companies and their regulatory environment. They are able to make complex financial and investment decisions for their own companies or others, to shape processes more efficiently and to optimise value.

In three semesters, you will become an expert in international accounting according to IFRS, in consolidated accounting, risk and group controlling, capital markets and corporate governance and auditing. In addition to these subject areas, you will receive an academic education in scientific methods and data science/business analytics entirely in accordance with international standards. You will not only learn about these topics theoretically but discuss their development in practice with your professors and fellow students in a scientifically substantiated way.

The study degree gives you the opportunity to work flexibly in a national or international oriented company in the areas of consulting, tax advisory or auditing, in banks or insurance companies or in associations and committees. The master’s program is for graduates of all universities who have completed a first degree in Business Management or a similar subject at an institute of higher education. Prospective students with a bachelor’s degree of 180 ECTS points have the possibility to catch up missing competencies in the areas of accounting, controlling or taxation.

The UAS Kiel’s system is accredited by AQ Austria.

Data and facts


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Study type

Full-time, Presence

Regelar study period

3 semesters

Pre-study internship


Practical study term


Teaching language

mostly German

Admission restrictions

yes, see NC-values

Study start

winter and summer semester

Study abroad possible

yes, in additon to the normal curriculum

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