Degree Course Management

The degree course representatives are responsible for the organisation, development and the implementation of the corresponding requirements.

Electrical Engineering (Bachelor’s)

Portrait of Wolfram Acker© P. Knittler

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Acker

Grenzstrasse 5
Room: C13-2.26

Computer Science (Bachelor’s)

Portrait of Robert Manzke© P. Knittler

Prof. Dr. Robert Manzke

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-1.84
Portrait of Corina Kopka© A. Diekötter

Dipl.-Inform. Corina Kopka

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-1.85

Mechatronics (Bachelor’s)

Portrait of Thomas Rinder© P. Knittler

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rinder

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-4.15

Media Engineering (Bachelor’s)

Portrait of Felix Woelk© A. Diekötter

Prof.Dr. Felix Woelk

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-1.83
Portrait of Heidi Kjär© F. Coring

Prof.Dr. Heidi Kjär

Heikendorfer Weg 29
Room: C17-0.04
Portrait of Jacqueline Rähse© P. Knittler

M. A. Jacqueline Rähse

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-1.80

Industrial Engineering – Electrical Engineering (Bachelor’s)

Portrait of Kay Schmidt-Rethmeier© A. Diekötter

Prof.Dr. Kay Schmidt-Rethmeier

Schwentinestraße 3
Room: C11-1.01

Electrical Technologies (Master’s)

Portrait of Ulf Schümann© F. Coring

Prof. Dr. Ulf Schümann

Schwentinestrasse 7
Room: C06-1.22

Information Engineering (Master’s)

Portrait of Steffen Prochnow© M. Pilch

Prof. Dr. Steffen Prochnow

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-1.87