Production technology module for large components

The registration for the module is to be made via the module registration of the UAS Kiel. You have access here:



Module registration

You can find the start date of module registration under News.

The module is limited to a maximum number of 12 students (2 exercise groups).

You will get a password in advance of the lecture, to sign up in the LMS system.

Please select your exercise group in the LMS course.

The lecture is starting in the first full week after the examination period.

Lecture contents:

  • Weldability of Components
  • Basics of Electric Arc
  • Welding Procedures
    • gas-metal arc welding
    • submerged arc welding
    • manual arc welding
    • fuel gas-oxygen-welding
    • Wolfram-Inert gas-welding
    • plasma welding
    • laser welding
  • Weld Design and Preparation
  • Thermal Cutting
  • Welding Automation, Welding Robot, CNC-Programming, CAM
  • Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

Practical exercises of welding techniques take place in the DVS-Kursstätte Kiel. Students can make their first practical experiences with welding technology.
You will find more details in the module description.

Apprenticeship as Welding Engineer

Students and future graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering and Offshore Systems Engineering of the UAS Kiel have the possibility to complete part 1 of the vocational education as international welding engineers within their university education (SFI, IWE).

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