Master Perspectives

IVE Bachelor’s completed successfully! And now what?

The decision for or against a master’s, and if yes for which subject, should be made by taking your own goals into account: What do you want? Where do you want to go? And how will that master’s degree help you achieve your goals?

A master’s offers you three things in general:

  1. a new title
  2. additional knowledge and further education (if the master’s is fitting!)
  3. the possibility to continue your studies

The motives for bachelor’s graduates are weighted differently and there are various framework conditions: age, financial resources, interesting job offers for bachelor’s graduates, availability of an appropriate master’s etc.

In general, there are three types of master’s degrees…

Consecutive Master

Non-Consecutive Master’s

Further Educational Master’s

Builds its contents on a concrete bachelor’s degree

Does not build its content on a particular bachelor’s degree

Completed study degree and at least one year of professional activity

Professional continuation and deepening or specialisation in the same study subject (so-called disciplinary combination)

Extension of existing qualifications

Study contents are in close connection to work experiences or tied to it

... from which I will only present the highly important ‘consecutive master’s’, which is interesting for you. You can start the master’s with your IVE certificate without paying tuition fees (but not entirely free of charge – you may have to pay semester fees and course fees!).

Additionally, I firstly want to present you the offers in Kiel.

Here, IVE graduates at the UAS Kiel have two alternatives:

  1. Industrial Engineering
    The online master’s degree "Industrial Engineering".
    Information is available here:
    Some IVE graduates are already studying this subject. If you have questions, you can contact the following email address onlinestudium.maschinenwesen(at)
  2. Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering / Technical Business Administration at the Faculty of Business Management
    Since the WS 09/10, we have offered a master’s that is consecutive to IVE and enables you to develop new content-related knowledge. My colleague Mr Lorenzen from the Faculty of Business Management is responsible for this degree (klaus.lorenzen(at) The degree is appropriate for students from the degree courses IVE and TM+M as a consecutive degree. In general, it is designed for students who have completed an interdisciplinary bachelor’s (technical/ economical). You can find the study and examination regulations and further information below.

Outside of Kiel, you can find many other master’s degrees that can’t all be listed here. The only way to find a fitting master is to read the module catalogues intensively and speak with the persons responsible for possible degrees.

 ...this page is constantly revised and more information will follow...