Questions and Answers on the Course (FAQs)

Quality Requires Rules

To ensure the functionality and quality of a study course consistently and systematically, we require a series of regulations.

Next to the already addressed mission statement – the so-called ‘social contract’ between teachers and students - you will find a number of formal legal regulations and rules of communication below.


We want to solve your questions and problems as soon as possible. Most of your requests can be answered by email. But sometimes a personal call is better. Unfortunately, we often receive emails like: ‘When are you available in your office?’ This makes no sense.

Please in EVERY email to Prof. Geisler:

  • a useful subject
  • SHORT description of the topic/problem
  • matriculation number
  • landline number
  • mobile number

Please understand that we sometimes do not answer questions that are answered here in the FAQ or in the study regulations.

Especially these statutes (see below) that are also available as pdf are important:

  • Examination Regulations: 
    Answers questions about the pre-study internship, regular study period, exam admission, the acquired university qualification (B.Eng.) etc. of the ‘International Sales and Purchasing in Engineering’ (IVE) degree course
  • Study Regulations:
    Regulates aim, structure and contents of the ‘International Sales and Purchasing in Engineering’ (IVE) degree course at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Examination Order:
    ‘nomen est omen’ -  regulates and complements the examination regulations with regard to concrete design of exam modalities (form and duration), acknowledgement possibilities etc.

In addition to these statutes it is useful and preferable to consult the responsible contact partners of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering if you have specific questions.

Answers regarding the company project, bachelor’s thesis and colloquium are available here: FAQ thesis.

Central storage position of all IVE regulations: see here


General Student Advisory Service IVE

Examinations Office

The page of the examinations office is available here.