Monika John

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Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben für Kommunikationsmanagement

Grenzstrasse 3
Room: C12-1.68


Focus area:

  • Communication Management

Membership: Hamburger Presseclub




Committee Organisation

Responsible for the organisation of the advisory board for the study courses ‘Public Relations and Corporate Communications’ and ‘Applied Communication Sciences’.

CONSULTATION HOURS: Tuesdays, 12.45-13.45 hrs, after prior appointment.

During the lecture-free period, the interdisciplinary weeks and the examination period only by appointment.

Topics for Theses:

Education of Communicators (Practice-Orientation//Ethics//Differences University/University of Applied Sciences//Theory and Practice) A broad topic from which you can find many approaches.

Development of PR and Journalism//Comparison//Market Development//Products

Critical view on cultural dimensions (Trompenaars/Hofstede)

Changes in perception due to Digitisation//Chronology//Associative Thinking

Media projects:

Press and Media Work//Press Release as an Instrument

Scientific Communication in PR and Journalism 

Communication (PR+Marketing) for founders