Laboratory for Structural Engineering

Laboratory Staff

Student assistants

We are currently looking for student assistants to help with research work and practical experiments. 
Please contact Prof. Görtz, if you are interested in the position: stephan.goertz(at)



Fields of competence

  • Load tests with building components of different material
  • Numeric simulations
  • COcalculations


Test machines:

  • Bending Testing Machine Test Form+Test PP 1500 HK-2SH for 3- and 4-point bending tests up to 1.500 kN
  • In cooperation with the Lab for Ship Strength: Test stand for dynamic component test up to +/-200 kN
  • Pulling Device Form+Test ZV 250 for compression tests up to 250 kN
  • Prestressing field for the production of prestressed components

Measurement technology:

  • Measuring amplifier Gantner Q-brixx-XL
  • Inductive displacement transducer MESSOTRON WTG
  • Force Transducer HBM C6B 500 kN
  • Strain gauges
  • Digital Image Correlation System GOM Aramis Adjustable for flat strain measurement
  • Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing System LUNA OdiSI 6002 for quasi-continuous strain measurement

Numerical Simulations:

  • FEM-Programme Infograph for practical calculation of conventional systems  
  • FEM-Programme ATENA for complete non-linear calculation of reinforced 3D concrete structures


  • In cooperation with the faculty of media: drone flight