Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor's degrees in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (basic education)

Early Childhood Education (advanced education)

The degree in Early Childhood Education with the graduation title Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) responds to the demand for academic qualification in the field of early childhood education.

A part of the degrees is reserved for qualified graduates of technical colleges of social education (advanced education).

The degree qualifies graduates for the management or specialist consulting in all fields of child and youth care, e.g. education in day care centres, childcare in schools, open child and youth work, educational support for children, educational support for parents, child care for school kids and cooperation work with youth care and schools as well as all-day schools.

A special offer is the public event series “Kiel childhood education evening lectures”. The lecture themes of the first five years of the event series from 2012-2017 are available here.

Welcome to partake in the discussion at the UAS Kiel are all people who are interested in childhood education (educational staff, parents, teachers, responsible people in politics and administration as well as the interested public).

Please inform yourself about the individual lectures in the current flyer of the childhood education evening lectures of the summer semester 2019 with the correspondent lectures. If you have questions, please talk to the manager of the study course.

Within this study degree, international excursions are regularly conducted.