Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy

The bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy with the graduation title Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) responds to the need for academic qualifications in the German healthcare sector. As one of the first degrees in physiotherapy in Germany, this forward-thinking degree started in 2001 at the UAS Kiel. It is a dual-study programme which integrates the physiotherapist apprenticeship (in accordance with the training and examination regulations for physiotherapists (PhysTh-APrV)).

During the first three years or rather six semesters, you complete your apprenticeship at one of our cooperating technical schools (see cooperatiing schools) and simultaneously study at our university beginning on the first day. After three years in this dual-study programme, you achieve your first professional qualification as a state-approved physiotherapist.

Beginning with the 7th semester, you are solely a student at the UAS Kiel and complete your study after nine semesters of the regular study period with the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physiotherapy. Within the study course, in the last few semesters, you start your first professional activities, accompanied by a supervisor.

Why study Physiotherapy?

The constant change in society is bringing new challenges to the healthcare sector. It is a growing sector which is constantly developing and which offers an interesting working area with a future perspective. Physiotherapy is an integral element of healthcare in Germany. With the central aspect of “movement” in therapy and the help of physical measures, physiotherapists contribute to encouraging, maintaining or restoring physical health.

The aim of the bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy is to scientifically expand the basic apprenticeship and to enable students to carry out evidence-based, reflected and effective practice.

The study programme prepares the so-called “reflective practitioners” for new and changing requirements in practice (with patients) and enables them to develop and shape their profession.