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What is the MediaDome?

The copula forms the ceiling of the MediaDome. When the lights turn off, the copula appears to open and makes you think of somewhere else. For example, a view to the stars –like a planetarium.   


But the copula has more to offer! It is possible to do virtual time travel or travel into foreign worlds, experience music and culture in new dimensions.


For children from the age of 5 and older the MediaDome offers a wide range of programmes providing a whole new bunch of experiences and impressions. Flying close to the moon as a spaceship pilot and exploring space. Diving after the rainbow fish and his friends and feeling the cold of the snow when visiting Lars the little polar bear at the North Pole.


For older teenagers and adults, it serves as an extracurricular learning location, which can lead to other places and past epochs. For example, travelling to distant worlds, time travel in a cosmos simulation or a virtual reconstruction of ancient fascinating epochs.

Events for children and teenagers have a duration of approximately 50 minutes.


Learning experiences shape attitudes

The experience at the dome is intense and long-lasting. In the midst of Saturn’s rings, from the perspective of an insect in the meadow, being a polar researcher in the Arctic – the audio-visual conception creates an atmosphere where unique learning experiences can emerge.


The focus of the programmes is the experience of unfamiliar spaces or views.

Live or preserved?

A part of our programmes is shown automatically. Others are presented live or the automatic programme is complemented and deepened via comments.