Service and usage

How can I borrow books? When must I return them? What happens if I forget?

These and other questions are explained to you on this page.

Registration and user ID

To order and borrow media from the Central Library of the UAS, you must first register as a user in person or by e-mail.

Please bring along the following on your first visit:

  • your Personal ID with a current address, or your passport and a local registration document or residence permit
  • a valid Student ID
  • filled in and signed Registration Form (German / English) if it has not yet been submitted

Your student ID is also your library card and entitles you to borrow media from the library.
Students at universities in Schleswig-Holstein can use their university ID to register free of charge as users of the Central Library.
Please note that your user card is not transferable. This means that you are not allowed to borrow books or other media or to pick up orders or reservations for someone else.


By using the central library of the UAS you accept our regulations and the data protection regulation of the university. These are posted in the library and can be viewed together with the fee schedule below:

User Regulations (pdf)

Fee Regulations (pdf)

Information on Data Protection (pdf)


In general, the following are valid:

  • use of mobile phones, pets, and the consumption of food and drinks are not permitted in the library
  • coats and bags must be left at the cloakroom
  • users must report the loss and any defects found in library items immediately
  • it is not permitted to pass on library items to third parties; the user who has borrowed the library items is liable in all cases
  • the instructions of the library staff must be followed


User account

When you register at the Central Library of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences you receive a User ID. 
With this, you can access your user account

Please register with your user ID: 

  • the complete user number (to be found above the barcode on your Student ID) 
  • your personal password – your date of birth is preset automatically (format TTMMJJ)

Please advise us of any changes in address as soon as possible.

Orders from the Library Collection

Ordered media are available at the following times:

  • Order before 10:00 hrs are available for collection from 11:00 hrs
  • Order before 13:00 hrs are available for collection from 14:00 hrs

You can order via the Online Catalogue. To do this, you click on the "order" button for the requested copy and log in with your account details. The media you have ordered will be held for you at the Loan Desk desk for two weeks.

In your user account you can view the status of your orders at any time.

Reservations and cancellations

You have the option to reserve borrowed media and cancel these reservations via your user account.

Reservations for borrowed media are possible via our online catalogue. As soon as these are ready for collection, you are notified by e-mail.

The media are reserved for you for 2 weeks and can be picked up at the Loan Desk.

Copying, printing and scanning

Various resources are available on the ground floor of the library to copy, print or scan items. 

You can print from the Internet, USB drive/flash and CDs from the reading room computers. The prints are issued at the counter and can be picked up and paid for there. 
Black & White copies are principally possible from all available devices. The costs are as follows:

  • A4 per page 0.05 EUR
  • A4 double page per page 0.10 EUR. 

The copiers also have USB ports that can be used for printing. You can also print in colour here. The fees for colour printing are as follows:

  • A4 per page 0.25 EUR
  • A3 per page 0.50 EUR. 

Scanning onto a USB drive/flash is free of charge.

Please observe the instructions on usage on the machines!




At the end of your studies, you have to de-register (exmatriculate). You will need a stamp from the Central Library for this, among other things. The form for de-registration can be found on the homepage of your department. You can fill in this and send it to us in two ways:

  • by e-mail to ausleihe.zb(at) (please send as PDF) 
  • personally during opening hours

De-registrations are usually processed electronically within one day.

Contactless Registration

For this, you require the following:

Fill in the form and sign it.

Scan the document or photograph it (please ensure legibility) and send it to ausleihe.zb(at)

As soon as your data has been recorded in our library system, you can access your user account. This process can take up to 1 day.


On your first visit, please show your identity card / registration certificate and, as a student, also your student ID for a one-time comparison of the data. 

If you have any questions, please contact ausleihe.zb(at) or call us at 0431 210-4800.


To administer your user account, log on:

  • User Number: number above the barcode on your Student ID
  • Password: date of birth in the format TTMMJJ

Only then can you order media from the online catalogue for borrowing.
You can find how to do this here.

Location and signatures

Where do I find what?

The collection of the Central Library is divided into freely accessible media, the so-called open-access collection,and media which are stored on-site in the closed-stack collection for different reasons. The names can be found in the Online Catalogue and the Discovery System of the Central Library as locations.

The layout of the collection and the spatial conditions of the central library are explained in more detail.


The open-access holdings

On the Ground Floor you can find the collection cataloguing system containing the signatures Ast to Mas as well as the university theses (from 2000). This system is a so-called universal system, i.e. it contains (almost) all disciplines. The literature of the departments (Construction, Social Work and Health, Business Administration, IT and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Media and Economics) are united here under one roof. In the catalogue, you can recognise a book from this collection by the following signature:

  • Example: Bwl 20-1/1 (Business Management)

Synoptic tables are displayed on the front side of the shelves.

Overview notices are located on the front of the shelves.
The reference collection is marked with a yellow sticker and may not be borrowed! The latest issues of journals and magazines are also on the ground floor.

In the basement/lower ground floor you will find the signatures Math to Wis.


Closed-Stack collection

In the closed stack are all older media (signatures with X), bound journal volumes (signatures with Z) and the collection of the former branch library of the technical departments.

Media in the closed stack can be ordered via the online catalogue. For journal volumes before 2001, please fill out an order form. You can obtain this from the Loan Desk.

Closed stack orders are processed Monday-Thursday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and Friday at 11.30 a.m. The books ordered can be picked up at the loan desk around an hour later.



Borrowing periods and extensions

Media from the open-access collection and closed stack (including non-books) may be borrowed for 4 weeks. Audio CDs and CD-ROMs are available from the Loan Desk.

The reference items marked in yellow, journals/magazines and the collection from before to 1945 may not be borrowed.

You can extend the borrowing period for media up to 5 times. This is possible as follows:

  • online via your User Account 
  • personally at the Loan Desk 
  • via telephone under 0431 210 4800

Applications must be made before the loan period expires. After the 6th renewal, the books must be returned to the library for re-borrowing. The number of volumes ordered or borrowed by a user at the same time can be restricted.

Media reserved by other users cannot be extended. You will receive a reminder e-mail three days before the end of the loan period. If the limit is exceeded, the library will issue a reminder for a fee.

Reminders and fees

Three days before the end of the loan period, users receive a reminder by e-mail. This service cannot be guaranteed. Only the return date specified in the online account is decisive.

If the loan period is exceeded, the first reminder, subject to charges, is sent one week after the end of the loan period. If this reminder is not followed within one week, a second reminder is issued. If this remains unsuccessful for more than a week, a third reminder is sent.

If the library items are not returned, the library can demand replacement or compensation.

Fees are charged for each reminder. These amount to the following for each borrowed item:
1st reminder 2.50 €
2nd reminder 5.00 €
3rd reminder 10.00 €

Interlibrary loan

We use the interlibrary loan system to procure media that are not available at the University of Applied Sciences.



Media, which is not available in Kiel, may be ordered via interlibrary loan. For using the interlibrary loan service, you need to be registered with the library.

If you want to order a medium via interlibrary loan, please use 1 order form for each individual medium. Please remember to write down the exact edition of the book you want to borrow!

The order process may take up to 2 weeks and costs EUR 1.50 each.

Usually, the ordered media can be borrowed for 4 weeks. However, the lending library may change the borrow period. The due date can be seen in your library account.

Due to copyright reasons, ebooks cannot be ordered.



We use interlibrary loan to obtain copies of journal articles from journals not available in Kiel.
This takes about 2 weeks. The prerequisite is that you are authorised to use the library. Interlibrary loan orders are not free of charge.

The following may not be ordered:

  • articles from journals available in the central library or in another library in Kiel
  • whole journal volumes
  • individual journals
  • books

Order Procedure
You need one order form for each article title. You can also obtain the form at the loan desk. You can place your orders there or send an email to: fernleihe.zb (at)

Fees and Costs
Copies of articles up to 20 pages cost EUR 1.50. The copy remains with the recipient.

Copies over 20 pages are usually charged at the current page price plus postage.

The fee is payable after successful delivery.