Billions of Suns

The size of space is breathtaking but so is the diversity of the Milky Way. Bright stars are either close or gigantic, some burn hot and blue, others simply glow reddish.


The traveller encounters a giant zoo of objects when he or she mentally travels through the galaxy: wafts of mist consisting of gas and dust which condense themselves and breathe new life into the stars. Magnificent star clusters. Dark nebulae. Gas-filled fountains and interstellar stardust flakes.


Join us on our way to the stars with phenomenal impressions. With an innovative 3D audio, the European Space Agency (ESA) production explains how humans decoded the distance to the stars and therefore uncovered the secrets of the galaxy!


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Entrance: 10 euros (with discount 8 euros)

Duration: 60 minutes

Teaching and learning programme: recommended for ages 12 and older