A live concert in virtual space – a production by the MediaDome Kiel and the musician and composer Jens Fischer.


“miRatio” means “astonishment” and is the follow-up project of the successful full-dome show “Metavista – eine Klang(t)raumreise” at the MediaDome Kiel.


Abstract rooms with extraordinary perspectives and optical illusions provide the backdrop for a concert where real and virtual worlds merge – created by the Bob Weber, a multimedia producer from Kiel.


“miRatio” uniquely utilises the 32-channel sound system of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. In an impressive three-dimensional sound space, Jens Fischer plays together with other musicians who appear in the video on the copula of the MeidaDome Kiel:


  • Jens Fischer – guitar
  • Jens Schliecker (Piano meets Vibes) – piano
  • Nils Rohwer (Piano meets Vibes) – marimbaphone
  • Friedrich Paravicini – cello, bass, ondes Martentot
  • Pirkko Langer – cello
  • Lucas Kochbeck – drums


Sponsored by the Association of Foundations of the Förde-Sparkasse


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No online reservation possible! Tickets only with invoice and mail, or remaining tickets at the box office 30 minutes before performance.


Entrance: 18 euros (with discount 14 euros) – special event

Duration: 90 minutes

FILM CLASSIFICATION not disclosed. Recommended for ages 14 and older