The Fascination of the Other World

The music of the Celtic harp has a magical effect and can take us into the “Other World”. The compositions by Christine Högl connect us on a sensual level with the deep senses of our being. This music creates a safe and relaxing atmosphere for body and mind to become still and connect to our inner life. Aesthetically arranged images give you space to rest and are a blessing for body, mind and soul.

Sponsored by the Association of Foundations of the Förde-Sparkasse.

“(…) a 50-minute mélange of digital images and a compassionate harp music, which has its own magic … imaginative, inspiring – simply wonderful.”

  • Kieler Express –

“creates an atmosphere of total relaxation.”

  • Westfälische Nachrichten –

This event is also available in English.

Entrance: 10 euros (with discount 8 euros)

Duration: 60 minutes

FILM CLASSIFICATION 0, recommended for age 12 and older