Dinosaurs and the Adventure of Flying

Lucy and her dad share a passion for anything that flies. Join them on their excursion during the era of the dinosaurs. They move from one continent to another, encounter flying dinosaurs and the ancestors of birds: the feathered dinosaurs. Ultimately, they witness the fateful “last day” of the dinosaurs and many other species.


The 360-degree production “Dinosaurs and the Adventure of Flying” was made by the repeatedly award-winning Dutch producer Robin Sip and his production company Mirage3D. It was awarded at the Fulldome Festival in Jena with the “Innovative FullDome Production Award” in 2013.

The show is also available in English.

Entrance: 9 euros (with discount, 7 euros)

Duration: 60 minutes

Teaching and learning programme: recommended for ages 8 and older