Orion – the Giant Hunter with “Nursery”

Copula talk by Petra Mohr

Orion the Hunter is certainly the best-known winter constellation with its striking three bright stars and the red star Betelgeuse. A while back, this star caused a stir because it was getting darker – is this supposed to mean a supernova is lying ahead or has already taken place? Furthermore, a star “nursery” exists: the Orion Nebula in the Orion constellation. Massive collections of gas and dust are currently transforming into a glittering star cluster. Orion also consists of the popular Horsehead Nebula. Petra Mohr presents the attractions, explains astronomic background knowledge and certainly provides useful tips for observing the starry sky on winter evenings.


Location: MediaDome copula

Entrance: 7 euros (with discount 5 euros)

Duration: 6 euros

FILM CLASSIFICATION 0, recommended for age 10 and older