Culture and Dementia

In 2013, a pilot project addressing dementia patients was realised through the support of the state capital Kiel.


Ms. Marion Janser from the Diakonie Altholstein and the media educator Berit Thomas evaluated the event „sun, moon and the stars in respect of the suitability for dementia patients. Several scenes were modified and one scene had to be produced completely anew. The main aim was to prevent the audience from being overwhelming by audio-visual experiences. Through implementing a live commentary, it became possible to react immediately to responses from the audience. The flow of information was adapted to the needs of the visitors.

The media’s high level of immersion is the basis for addressing the audience in a multimodal way. The flowers of a summer meadow or the appearance of the moon could bring back memories or lead to a vivid exchange.

Within this work, the idea arose of integrating a singer to the event. Songs were selected that still might be anchored in the memory of the dementia patients. The trained soprano singer Kirsten Redlin presented four songs during the event. The participation to sing along and the atmosphere during the coffee break revealed the importance of this event and provided a bright spot in the patients’ everyday lives.

This event format will be available again for groups of dementia patients in the future. For information about appointments and conditions, do not hesitate to contact:

Frau Marion Janser
Diakonie Altholstein
Phone +49 431 99 04 09 313