The Applied Sciences Open Days

Dear prospective students,

The Open Days (FIT – Fachhochschulinformationstage) of the summer semester will take place from 30 Mar. to 03 Apr. 2020. We kindly ask you to sign up if you are interested in attending the event. It is free of charge. The corresponding tool will be activated in time.

Monday, 30 Mar. 2020 Faculty of Media and Civil Engineering

Tuesday, 31 Mar. 2020 Faculty of Social Work and Health

Wednesday, 01 Apr. 2020 Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Thursday, 02 Apr. 2020 Faculty of Business Management including a study taster session

Friday, 03 Apr. 2020 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The study taster session in Agriculture takes place on Tuesday, 14 Apr. 2020 at the Faculty of Agriculture in Osterrönfeld.