Teaching development

Are you looking for impulses for your teaching to e.g. motivate students, change your lectures or reshape exams and wish for practical examples? Do you want to optimally shape your entry into teaching or do you wish individual support in questions of teaching? Do you want to speak with colleagues about teaching or search for partners for your teaching project ideas?

  • University Didactics Events
  • Consulation & Coaching
  • Individual development of teaching (teaching and consultation)
  • Collegial Teaching Consultation
  • Entry into teaching for new appointees
  • eDidactics
  • Design of study courses and schedules
  • Subject tutorials
  • Teaching and learning projects
  • Gender- and diversity-sensitive teaching
  • University Didactics Certificate
  • University Didactics Information Portal

You can’t find a suitable solution? Tell us which university didactical offers you need to further improve your teaching. The offers of university didactical training are in continuous development. With your feedback you can participate in their improvement. Please contact us.