The members of the faculty conventions consult and decide on all matters concerning the faculties if not determined by the Higher Education Act or the constitution.
The faculty convents consist of:

  1. The Dean
  2. Eleven-member group representatives according to Para. 13, Section 1, Nos. 1 to 4 in a ratio of 6:2:2:1 and
  3. The equal opportunities representative of the faculty with advisory function and right of application.

Deviating from Section 1, No. 2 the faculty’s statute provides for 21 member group representatives at a ratio of 11:4:4:2 or 31 member group representatives at a ratio of 16:6:6:3 belong to the faculty convent.
The faculty conventions are allowed to establish committees in order to prepare resolutions. Detailed rules are determined in the statutes of the faculties.